Supporting Smart Village Program, BPI Distribute Thousands of Books

Batang, Tuesday, 22 August 2017 - PT. Bhimasena Power Indonesia continues its commitment to support Batang District government program to realize "Smart Village Program" through village library development program in cooperation with Disperpuska (Library and Archives Service) of Batang Regency. 

Tuesday (22/8), Director of Operations (COO) PT BPI, Shiroki Yamashita handed over thousands of books to 15 Perpusdes located in three sub-districts of Kandeman District, Tulis and Subah at Wringingintung Village Office, Tulis District.
The activity is a follow up of the meeting on the evaluation of village library development program between PT BPI, Disperpuska Batang and 15 Perpudes conducted last July. One of the results is to create a smart village and increase the reading interest of the community by improving library services through the distribution of library books that fit the needs of the community.
BPI's commitment in library development has started since 2015 in collaboration with Disperpuska Batang and Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI). Replication of the Library Program called PERPUSERU in 15 villages of Kandeman Sub-district, Tulis and Subah aims to make village library as a center for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) -based activities and learning to improve the quality of life of the community in a sustainable manner. The form of support is done through the CSR program by providing computer facilities, training series, library operational support, book donation and support for the annual program of Perpusdes.
Operational Director of PT BPI, Shiroki Yamashita in his speech said that books assistance for 15 Perpusdes based on input from the managers of 15 perpusdes. "With this assistance we hope that the community will read more books," Yamashita said. He also added that children should be directed to cultivate reading awareness early on by providing good reading material that is suitable with their age.
Chairman of the Communication Forum Pepusdes Batang, Qurniawan also explained that the assistance of PT BPI is in line with the program Perpusdes in improving the culture of reading awareness of Batang society. "We create a reading corner program where village library officers will deliver and hold books in every dukuh (sub village) to be read by parents, teenagers and children. Through the program, people are expected to be able to read the books because they are provided according to their age. Hopefully this will be able to give good results in increasing reading awareness in our society," said Qurniawan.
Head of Disperpuska Batang, dr. Muchlasin M.Kes also said that in Kabupaten Batang at this time has formed 34 village library to support the vision of Bupati Batang in realizing Smart Village. "We will make Batang district as a reading district so that the realization of a smart society. And we are very grateful to PT BPI through its CSR program which has supported the library development program in Batang through providing books to Batang community either distributed to the village library or to other reading corner" said Muchlasin.