BPI Held Infectious Disease Prevention Training for FKD

Batang, Thursday, August 24, 2017- PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) held "Infectious Disease Prevention" training for Village Health Forum (FKD) from 9 villages in Kandeman District and Tulis, Batang Regency. This training was conducted with two resource persons from Batang District Health Agency, dr. Ida Susilaksmi, M.Kes and dr. Munawaroh.
This training is part of BPI's commitment to support Batang community health development through trainings for health care workers such as Posyandu cadres, village midwives and FKD members. Since 2015, this has become a routine program and collaboration between PT BPI and Batang District Health Agency in addition to support improving community health.
The training is intended for members of the revitalized Village Health Forum (FKD) through BIMA SEMBADA program, a partnership program between PT BPI and Health Agency of Batang District and Indonesian Family Planning Association of Central Java (PKBI). The BIMA SEMBADA program encourages the community to be empowered to build together to a clean, prosperous and healthy village through elements of community incorporated in the Village Health Forum (FKD). Currently FKD revitalization has been implemented in 9 villages and expanded to 14 villages spread in District Kandeman and Tulis in Batang Regency.

This training activity is expected to increase the capacity of health service personnel such as FKD to be more competent and play an active role in handling issues or health problems of rural communities such as Toilet Defecation Gratuitous (BABS), Waste Management, Malnutrition, Eradication of Mosquito Nest (PSN) ), Risky behavior, and other health problems.