Build Literacy Culture, BPI Distribute Thousands of Books for Batang Village Libraries

BATANG - In addition to improve the literacy culture of the Batang community, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) handed over thousands of books and reading packages to number of libraries. The books were distributed for 13 TPQ (Quran Education School) and Madin (Madrasah Diniyah) in four villages namely Tulis Village, Wringingintung Village, Juragan Village and Ujungnegoro Village. Assistance was handed over in Madrasah Diniyah Daarul Ulum 2 District Tulis.
"We want people to have a high reading awareness and it must be started from an early age," said CSR Manager BPI Bhayu Pamungkas, Thursday (31/8).
Earlier in 2016, BPI had also distributed similar assistance to 19 TPQs in 11 Villages namely, Ujungnegoro, Karanggeneng, Ponowareng, Wonokerso, Simbangjati, Kenconorejo, Beji, Kedungsegog, Sembojo, Bakalan and Depok). Currently this activity has been expanded to 13 TPQ residing in 4 villages in Kecamatan Kandeman and Tulis.
Activities which aimed at improving community reading awareness, especially for children, not only providing Islamic reading books but also picture books, novels and educational comics so that children become more interested to read.
Last week a similar activity was conducted by PT BPI in cooperation with Disperpuska (Library Service and Archives) Batang Regency added books collection for 15 Perpusdes Perpuseru located in Kandeman District, Tulis and Subah. Perpuseru is a library development program to make the library as a center of information, activities and community learning center, which community can learn and practice such as cooking, handicraft and get health information or education through books and internet.
"We hope that the provision of the book will attract people, especially children, in reading books," Bhayu said.