Batang Power Plant Start the Installation of Boiler Steel Structure

From left-right : President Director of PT BPI Takashi Irie, General Secretary of Central Java Province Sri Puryono, Regent of Batang Wihaji, Site Manager Sumitomo Corporation-Boiler Turbine Generator Division (SCBTG) Koji Iwasaki  on the commencement of boiler steel structure erection of Central Java Coal-fired Power Plant in Batang, Central Java, on Tuesday (12/12/2017)


 Batang, December 12th, 2017 - The construction activity of Central Java Coal-Fired Power Plant 2 x 1,000 MW (CJPP) which started last year began to enter a new phase with the ceremony of installation of boiler steel structure, witnessed by Sri Puryono, Regional Secretary of Central Java and accompanied by Wihaji as Regent of Batang (12/12).

"This activity marks the commencement of steel structure construction work on boiler and to extend our gratitude and pray for the successful of the project," said BPI President Director Takashi Irie. The installation of steel structures in this boiler also shows the significant progress of CJPP until the end of 2017 which has reached 30%. Furthermore, Irie explained that starting next year construction activity will be more rapid.

In a joint prayer activity, the ritual performed in Islam and also with Japanese culture. Prayer in Islam is led by religious leaders by reciting Alfatihah and some prayers. Followed by a Japanese ritual with a bow to salute and applaud. According to Irie, these two rituals are done to appreciate each culture. As it is known that this project is cooperation between Indonesia and Japan, where PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) as a developer is a consortium company consisting of companies from Indonesia and also companies from Japan.

At the same time, Irie also expressed his gratitude to the all parties who are involved in the project. "We are grateful for the support of many parties, the project is running smoothly until now," he said. He also hopes the existence of this power plant project can be great benefits specifically to the Batang community.

Irie also explained that BPI has implemented a number of breakthrough programs both through CSR and social mitigation programs for the community. A number of activities are conducted in the areas of education, health, economy, infrastructure and socio-culture-environment. "Our focus on sustainable community empowerment, as a long term benefit for the community,” said Irie.

"CJPP will be in Batang for a long time, so we hope that we can be a part of the community and live together harmoniously," said Irie.