Batang Held PLTU Bershalawat

BATANG, January 16, 2018 – Monday (15/1) evening, hundreds of people gathered at the maqom (Graveyard) area of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi on the event PLTU Bershawalat. This event was held by Banser NU with a close coordination and supports from local community leaders, local community and PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI). Shalawat and mass praying was held in maqom area, which is just beside of PLTU construction site. 
Batang Regent, Wihaji, Forkompinda, and various elements from Batang community participated and share the same causes. The people who attended seemed enthusiastic and remain stayed until the event finishes despite of heavy rain. 
BPI President Director Takashi Irie sincerely appreciated local wisdom which led the event successfully.  “We sponsored this holly event to express BPI’s gratitude to the community in Batang who always support the development of CJPP. BPI also prayed a safety of PLTU construction works and our project will contribute to further growth and prosperity of Batang. “
On the event, besides mass reading of shalawat (mass praying for the prophet of Muhammad) also present discourse by Maulana Habib Lutfi Bin Ali Bin Yahya (Habib Lutfi). In his lecture, Habib Lutfi reminded the meaning of shalawat as well as praise and the form of a relationship to the Prophet Muhammad SAW, shalawat also means a social concern, empathy and not being selfish because Islam is rahmatan lil'alamin, or a blessing for all. Habib Lutfi also reminded people to making Prophet Muhammad SAW as an example in daily life. 
Regent of Batang Wihaji who supported and attended the event also appreciate the event. According to him, this event indicates the people in Batang live in harmony and peaceful. Furthermore, Regent Wihaji hopes that all elements of Batang community can synergize together with PLTU to develop a better Batang.