BPI CSR Health Program Wins an Award

BPI was received another recognition from 2018 Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award (AREA). After last year the Community Empowerment Program initiated by BPI won the award through a similar event, this time BPI CSR Health Program titled "Improving Community Health Quality Through Local Institution Engagement, Strengthening and Self-Reliant," gained recognition from Area Award 2018 for Health Promotion category. 
The award was handed over by Dr. Niven Huang, Regional Leader, KPMG sustainability services In Asia Pacific, Taiwan, and received directly by BPI Director of Operations Shiroki Yamashita on Friday (1/6) in Philippines accompanied by BPI CSR Manager, Bhayu Pamungkas.
Yamashita stated that through the CSR health program, the focus of the activities is to support and to improve public health quality. This has been done through various activities involving local health institutions in the community, for example by providing training to village midwives, Posyandu cadres, to support the reactivation of Village Health Forum (FKD). 
Furthermore, Yamashita explained that those programs are designed and inline to support government program. "The most important things is not only the health infrastructure assistance, but also the training to improve the capacity of health workers or health volunteers in local community, so they can continue to develop themselves and improve their ability in providing health services," Yamashita explained.
On the other hand, BPI CSR Manager Bhayu Pamungkas revealed that this health program has expand and applied to various aspect, not limited to village health workers. One of them through the program Adiwiyata School, the school based environmentally. This program also gain recognition from various institution on a number of different occasions, "Our health quality improvement program has covered various aspects, so we expect implementation of the results can be more optimal," said Bhayu.
At AREA Award 2018 award, the judging panel assessed that BPI CSR Health program has well fulfilled all criteria of assessment by the jury. The criteria consists of Innovation (innovation), Solution-Oriented Result (solution-oriented), Sustainability (sustainability), and Integration (merging program). AREA program had reached out to 26 Asian countries, with research study of various CSR projects to identify and honor Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in various categories.
Moreover, in this awarding event, award-winning companies can be mutually sharing, educating and inspiring through initiation of their respective programs. "Through a special sharing session, we learned a lot from other fellow recipients of the award, so hopefully this will enrich us to continuously improve our programs for community," Bhayu said.

Furthermore, Bhayu added that the success of this program is fully supported by good cooperation by local government and other partners . "I would like to share this great honor in AREA award with our partners who have provided close supports and worked together for our CSR program.”