Promoting Perpusdes program, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) not only held technical training on library management. This time it was the Emotional Spiritual Quotient (ESQ) training session held for 85 participants from 34 Village Library (Perpusdes) in Batang Regency, Friday (8/6). Training was provided by ESQ consultant trainer, Agus Wiyono, ST.
The training was conducted in collaboration with the Communication Forum of Perpusdes Perpuseru Batang (FKP2B) for the management of Perpusdes. FKP2B established and inaugurated by the Head of Disperpuska Kabupaten Batang in April 2018, is expected to be a forum for 34 Perpusdes in 34 villages in Batang District, for communicating and sharing information as well as increasing the capacity of village libraries.
Coinciding with the month of Ramadan, this activity is also expected to increase the motivation and maintain the spirit of the village officials in managing and implementing various activities in each library.
Focusing on capacity building of the managers and management of Perpusdes become one of BPI’s concerns. Therefore, various trainings are often implemented to improve the capacity of the managers so that the management and utilization of the library can be optimized. This is also in line with Batang Regency government program in realizing smart villages through village library development programs. "The program we designed is tailored to the local government program, so we can work together," said Bhayu Pamungkas, CSR Manager of BPI.
Furthermore, Bhayu explained that BPI involvement in library development has been done since 2015. Together with Disperpuska Batang and Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI), replicating library development program or Perpuseru in 15 villages of Kandeman, Tulis, and Subah sub-district with the aim of making village library as community activity and learning center based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to improve community quality of life. The support for the 15 village libraries varied, ranging from library facilities, training courses, library operational support, book donations and support for the annual work program of Perpusdes.