Donate to Orphans PT BPI Entertain with Childrens Tales

BATANG—Entertain the orphans around the construction of the Central Java CFPP 2 x 1000 MW in Batang Regency, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (PT BPI) held a children's storytelling with Kunduri, a storyteller from Pekalongan. They can laugh cheerfully and excited to listen to the story "Anak Sholeh Energi Indonesia", which was held at the Al Misbah Mosque, Sunday (22/09).

Kunduri  as the national child storyteller can make orphans from Ponowareng Village, Karanggeneng Village, Ujungnegoro Village and Depok Village, laugh cheerfully and have the spirit to listen to the end. With the theme “Anak Sholeh Energi Indonesia”, PT BPI provides donation to orphans around the construction of the Central Java CFPP with a capacity of 2 x 1,000 MW in Batang district.  
Ary Wibowo, General Manager of External Relations of PT BPI, said that the donation activities are carried out routinely every Islamic New Year as a form of good relations with the surrounding community. The existence of the Central Java CFPP 2 x 1,000 MW is one proof of the support of the Batang Regency community, especially the village communities around the power plant construction.
"We hope that through this activity it can provide beneficial values ​​for the community, especially for the children who attend, as well as strengthen good relations between the company and the community around the project that has been established so far," said Ary Wibowo. 
Meanwhile, Kunasir, a companion for orphans from Karanggeneng Village welcomed the donation program provided by PT BPI. This is a form of company concern for the social conditions of the village communities around the Central Java CFPP.
"Thank you for PT BPI's concern for the condition of the orphans in our village, and other villages around the power plant construction project. Hopefully this can continue, until the operational phase, "said Kunasir. (*)