Child Friendly Book Aid PT BPI hands over books to 15 Village Libraries and 33 TPQ / Madin

BATANG - Dozens of village libraries (Perpusdes) and dozens of TPQ libraries in the villages around the construction of the CJPP 2 x 1,000 MW in Batang Regency, received child-friendly books. The 1,260 illustrated textbooks for children were handed over directly by Shiroki Yamashita, Chief Operational Officer of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia, to representatives of the Village Libraries, TPQ and reading parks, at Al Misbah Mosque, Wednesday (09/10). 
PT BPI has a high commitment to support, develop and build a literacy program in Batang Regency. Until now there have been 15 village libraries established, 1 reading park and 32 TPQ in the villages around the construction of the CJPP which has been running since 2015. 
According to Shiroki Yamashita, the handover activity of this book is a form of good cooperation between PT BPI and its partners. Provisi Education, has provided book assistance to PT BPI for 15 Village Libraries, and 33 TPQ / Madin in the Tulis and Kandeman District.  
"We will continue to side by side, go together to build and develop a literacy program in Batang Regency, especially in the villages around the CJPP 2 x 1,000 MW. Hopefully this book will be useful for the community. ”Shiroki Yamashita asserted, after handing over book assistance to the administrators of the library and TPQ / MADIN. 
It was added, that since 2016 until now it has distributed more than seventeen thousand (17.000) reading books, textbooks and child-friendly books to PT BPI-supported village libraries and 33 TPQ and MADIN in the Tulis District and the Kandeman District. 
Meanwhile, Amanda Fuadilah Pradaningyas, a representative from Provisi Education, said she was very proud of her cooperation with PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia. 
"This assistance is a form of appreciation from the Provision of Education for PT BPI, which has so far developed many programs for the community, especially in the world of education, and literacy in Batang Regency," Amanda said after accompanying Shiroki Yamashita to submit a child-friendly book. 
While representatives from the Office of the Ministry of Religion, Batang, Sugi Edi, SH. In his remarks, he gratitude PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia, which incessantly assisted TPQ / Madin in Kademan and Tulis District. 
"We hope that the book assistance from PT BPI is truly utilized by the management and students to increase knowledge. And hopefully this assistance will continue, as a form of corporate concern for the field of religious education, "said Sugi Edi, Head of Basic Education, Islamic Boarding School of the Ministry of Religion, Batang.