The Cinema of Batang CFPP, enlivening the Batang Expo 2019

BATANG - Batang Expo 2019 is a different exhibition from the previous year, especially for PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia. This time, the initiator of the Batang CFPP 2 x 1,000 MW, presented something that was interesting to the community, namely the CFPP Cinema. 

The visitors of Batang Expo can watch the latest development film of the Batang CFPP project, which is a new icon project for Batang Regency. Besides being able to see the latest video of CFPP construction, the public can also see superior tourism videos and other potentials in Batang Regency, which are packaged in the form of films. 
Although the Batang Expo 2019 exhibition has not yet been opened by the Batang Regent, there are already over one hundred visitors, ranging from children, adults to parents, who are very enthusiastic about seeing the Batang CFPP film at the BPI Cinema, which has a capacity of 12 spectators. In addition, cinema audiences can also get the chance to get the door prize provided by PT BPI. 
"This is a form of corporate service and concern for the people and the government of Batang Regency. we are called to convey information to the public. ”Said Shiroki Yamashita, COO of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia, after accompanying the Regent and Deputy Regent of Batang, Wihaji and Suyono to watch films at the Cinema at PT BPI's booth. 
Yamashita added that PT BPI's participation in the 2019 Batang Expo deliberately presented something different and interesting to the Batang community. Because PT BPI is one part that cannot be separated from Batang Regency. 
"We are grateful for the care and enthusiasm of the people who have visited PT BPI's booth, which features the Cinema for the community. Including the concern of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Batang, it has the pleasure to review and watch in our cinema. "Yamashita added. 
Meanwhile, Andika Yulianto, one of the visitors to the PT BPI Cinema, said he was happy because he could see the development of the Batang CFPP development, even though it was only via video. Because since it was built until now, people cannot witness or see directly into the Batang CFPP construction project. 
The existence of this cinema is very helpful and answers the questions of many people about the Batang CFPP progress and  development, as  one of the pride of the Batang Regency."Said Andhika, a resident of Central Proyonanggan Village.