BPI in Partnership with the Batang Library and Archives Service (Disperpuska) to provide Technical Guidance for Partner Libraries

BATANG- PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) in partnership with the Batang Library and Archives Service (Disperpuska) held a series of activities for BPI partner libraries in preparation for the national library accreditation in 2022. Pre-accreditation activities which are part of the CSR program in the education sector are aimed at 20 School Libraries and 15 Village Libraries located in areas affected by the Central Java CFPP construction located in Batang Regency.

The process of implementing the first phase of this library accreditation activity has started in November 2021 with a workshop on library accreditation socialization which was attended by school principals, school library heads, village heads and village library heads. Then on 16, 27 & 28 December 2021 a number of 15 of 30 BPI Partner Libraries continued the process of the next accreditation stage, namely activities (Technical Guidance) for Library Development and Management with library thematic materials such as: Library introduction science, Procurement and processing of library materials (system library automation and classification & cataloguing of library materials referring to standardized rules/guidelines) and technical filling of library accreditation forms.
Head of the Disperpuska Batang Rahmat Nurul Fadhilah, S.PdI. M.Si said "we are collaborating with BPI to carry out activities for the pre-accreditation stages of the library such as workshops and technical guidance for library accreditation". The Head Disperpuska of Batang also expressed his highest appreciation to BPI for its attention and support to the development of literacy in Batang Regency. This was conveyed after giving a speech at the closing ceremony of the 2021 Library Accreditation Technical Guidance which was held at 02 Tulis State Junior High School, Kenconorejo Village, Tulis District, Batang Regency.
Meanwhile, Chief Operational Officer of BPI Yoshimitsu Fujii in his speech said "we hope that after this activity, the participants can make innovations in managing their libraries and are excited to participate in Library Accreditation to the National Library Accreditation Institute (LAP) in 2022 through the Library Service and Batang Regency Archives. He also gave his appreciation to Disperpuska of Batang, Batang Regency Government, all Library Partners and all parties who have supported and synergized with BPI to implement CSR programs in the Education sector which aim to increase literacy in Batang Regency.
BPI has developed and empowered the library community in the villages around the Central Java CFPP project in Batang Regency since 2016. BPI's CSR program is a form of commitment in inviting communities around the company, especially educational institutions, to jointly improve community literacy in Batang Regency. (*)