Batang Power Plant Construction Requested to be Accelerate

BATANG - Batang power plant project with capacity 2 x 1.000 MW currently under construction phase. Power plant that use coal fuel is already included in the general plan of national and regional energy, because it will supply electricity to Java-Bali. 

Vice Chairman of Commission D, DPRD Central Java Province, Hadi Santoso ST., M.Si during his visit to the construction site along with other member on last Monday, said that Batangpower plant with capacity 2 x 1.000 MW should become an integrated energy resource maximum on 2018. 
“Actually Batang power plant already included on the general plan of national energy and it shall be operated on 2018,” Hadi said. 
But it is most likely could not be done, because there are several issues that make the construction process of this plant were disturbed. Disruption of power plant construction is due to the land acquisition process is retreat for several years.
“We also want to do checking the information related to the land acquisition mechanism, because thathas been obstacles for the power plant construction process,” he said. 
He said that for land acquisition process there was still view resident who didn’t want to take off their land, but all consignment funds already deposit on the court, so that generally there won’t be a problem. Otherwise, construction mechanism should go on, so it is expected there would be an approach and community members are expected to respect the development process. 
Related to the development process there should not be anyone who could get hurts, but since the construction of this power plant is for a larger interest, it must be done in cooperation with local communities. 
“We hope the construction of the power plant run faster related to the national energy policy. If it does not immediately begin, it will affect energy supply for Java-Bali. We hope all process run smoothly, because public is waiting,” he said. 
Otherwise, CTO of PT BPI Hiroyasu Akaike said that he hopes there won’t be any obstacles on the power plant construction. “If everything run smoothly, so the construction will be finished on schedule,” Akaike said.