PT Adaro Power (Adaro Power) is a company owned by PT Adaro Energy Tbk (Adaro Energy). Adaro Energy a vertically integrated Energy Producer in Indonesia. Adaro Energy all about creating sustainable value from Indonesian coal and providing reliable energy to help build Indonesia.

Adaro Energy deploys an integrated Pit-To-Power business model with three engine of growth, namely Coal Mining, Mining Services & Logistics and Power.

Adaro Energy main location is in South Kalimantan, where we mine thermal coal with low levels of pollutants known as Envirocoal. Adaro Energy along the Pit-To-Power value chain, including in mining, barging, shiploading, dredging, port services, marketing and power generation.

Adaro Power was established in 2010 to act as a strategic vehicle for active involvement in the development of power plants in Indonesia. Adaro Power is Adaro Energy’s expansion to move into power will allow us to leverage Adaro Energy’s competitive advantage in securing coal supply and create a captive demand for Adaro’s coal, boost Adaro’s presence in the domestic market, secure a stable revenue stream and favorable returns, improves bargaining position with boiler manufactures, and minimize the impact volatility from the cyclical nature of the coal sector.

Although still relatively new, Adaro Power has shown a real achievement, participating in several projects and plans to diversify further. Adaro Power's participation in building a power plant can be seen from its active involvement with co-owns and operates power plants in various regions in Indonesia, among others are power plant with capacity 2 x 30 MW and 2 x 100 MW in South Kalimantan.