Responding to Community Concern and Continuing Community Development

BPI continue to conduct community consultation and carry out CSR activities. Efforts were made to disseminate information regarding construction activities to both onshore and offshore stakeholders. Some of the engagement and consultation were conducted at an individual-level, through the Community Relations Team to Community Leaders, whilst others responded to grievance complainants. Formal consultations included the Socialization of The Construction of Substation & Towers on March 2017, and the Fish Apartment 2nd Installation Socialization on September 2017. The latter involved the Government Agency related to Fishing activity as well as the fishermen community from Kedungsegog and Sengon Villages (West and East Roban). In this year BPI continued the mass cleaning program along with health counseling in order to increase community awarness on the benefits of healthy lifestyles. In addition, various capacity buidling training sessions were held for local midwives and village health volunteers in affected villages, to mitigate any health impacts that may occurs during the construction phase. Training materials delivered covered areas such as communicable disease prevention, respiratory disease,  HIV/AIDS prevention and management, health monitoring method, community sanitation, issues related to open defecation, teen reproductive health, immunization, clean environments, etc.