CSR Program Summary

Health Program

B. Supporting health quality increase


1. Supporting village health post program (Posyandu)


• Supporting supplemental food (PMT) Implemented since 2013, BPI provided supplemental food for infant & senior community in 46 village health post (Posyandu) in 8 affected villages. Since 2015, through independent sustainability efforts from each village health volunteer, supplemental food requirement has been fulfilled by their income generation from saving-loan businesses.


• Supporting health equipment

Provided for village health volunteer & village midwife in 8 affected villages 



2. Supporting health service increase by medical staff 

• Training for village health volunteer in 8 affected villages in cooperation with Batang health office on regular basis.


• Training for 9 affected village midwives & 2 sub-district health offices in cooperation with Batang health office on regular basis


• Supporting health associated furniture for 7 village health clinics in 7 affected villages