Environmental and Social Socialization (2018)

PT. Bhimasena Power Indonesia continues to consult with the community and carry out various CSR programs. Several engagement and consultation activities are carried out by the Community Relations Team, both at the level of individuals, communities and community leaders. Including providing responses to complaints made by community.

Some programs that have been implemented in 2018:

  1. Install job vacancy announcement in various strategic locations in villages, sub-district offices and the Manpower office.
  2. Socializing the surface water utilization for dust suppression.
  3. Consultation with related stakeholders for transmission line cable stringing work.
  4. Consultation and socialization on the establishment of Village Regulations on Replacement Land Management in 3 villages and Village Regulations on Alert Health Village in 14 villages.

PT BPI also collaborates with the Fishermen Association (HNSI) and the Batang Regency Government to discuss about the offshore work activities. BPI assisted Ujungnegoro fishermen to consult and discuss with Regency and Province to support them in constructing estuary protection.



PT BPI conducts health counseling to increase community awareness about the benefits of a healthy and clean lifestyle. The counseling including balanced nutrition and dietary habit, environmental health, healthy food management, open defecation free, acute respiratory infection, total sanitation community based, diseases in the rainy season and others. In addition, BPI also conduct series of capacity building programs for the community, health cadres, midwives, and health officers with a total of 13 themes and 6,945 participants.