Land acquisition, Environmental Permits, Impact Mitigation Commencement, and Introductions to Coal-Fired Power Plant (CFPP) Technology

BPI engaged with villagers regarding land price negotiations, Right of Way (ROW) compensation, the CSR Programs, general electricity knowledge as well as CFPP technology and Environmental Permits. Based on three days of discussions, an agreement on land price and ROW compensation was reached between BPI and villagers from eight villages. Consultations and explanatory meeting related to the CSR Program and CFPP technology was carried out to the smallest level of community structure in the region, which is Rukun Tetangga (RT), in three villages. A total of 38 RTs and 1,350 people received such consultations and explanatory meeting. Moreover, discussions and coordination with related authorities, NGOs, farmers, and community figures was conducted during: Environmental Permit Issuance; Facilitation Team [1] establishment; Communication Forum [2] establishment; creation of the social compensation beneficiaries list; and the 1st social compensation disbursement.


[1] The Facilitation Team is a council consisting of the Batang Government Agency and BPI that functioned to plan, prepare, and manage all technical aspects of social mitigation activities.

[2] The Communication Forum is a council consisting of representation from four of the most affected villages: Ujungnegoro, Karanggeneng, Ponowareng, and Kedungsegog. This forum was created to bridge communication between the aspirations of the local community to BPI, and also initial issues that may occur on the site.