Second disbursement of Social Compensation and Implementation of Law No. 2/2012 by PT PLN (Persero):

Intensive coordinations and discussions with various stakeholders such as farmers, village officers, AMDAL experts, community figures, regency agencies and provincial agencies were held in order to finalize the affected farmer list and to recommence the Social Compensation disbursement. In October 2015, BPI disbursed the second Social Compensation in the Kandeman District Office for 752 affected farmers from Ujungnegoro, Karanggeneng, and Depok Village, followed by the Tulis District office for affected farmers from Kenconorejo, Ponowareng, and Wonokerso Village. In accordance with the Batang Regent Decree Number 660.1/585/2015 dated October 23, 2015, Social Compensation disbursement finished in April 2017. In the same year, the Government of Indonesia, through PT PLN (Persero), gave their support to continue the construction of the CJPP Project by delegating the task to acquire the remaining land to PLN. During this process, the Government of Central Java, Government of Batang Regency, Head of Land Office Batang, and PT PLN (Persero) actively communicated with community leaders and land owners, which was a mandatory process for the implementation of Law No. 2/2012. This consultation and socialization process was conducted prior to the issuance of the Location Determination by the Central Java Governor in June 2015.