CSR Program Summary

Infrastructure Program

D. Supporting public infrastructure program


In total, BPI has supported 82 packages of various infrastructure supports program



1. Supporting clean water installation and sanitation

BPI has supported 13 packages of supports: 6 packages in Ujungnegoro, 5 packages in Karanggeneng, 1 package in Ponowareng, and 1 package in Beji.



2. Supporting mosques renovation

BPI has supported 42 packages of mosque renovation program: 6 packages in Ujungnegoro, 3 packages in Karanggeneng, 1 package in Ponowareng, and 32 packages in other affected villages.



3. Supporting village health clinic renovation & construction

Renovation of village health clinics in Ujungnegoro & Karanggeneng villages.


4. Supporting school renovation



5. Supporting other public infrastructure



E. Supporting Social-culture & environment


1. Replanting program


• Replanting program : replanting & seedling maintenance of 5 Ha reforestation area since 2013


• Mangrove Rehabilitation


• Replanting shading tree on coastal road of Sigandu-Ujungnegoro in cooperation with Batang district



2. Clean movement program

 • On regular monthly basis since December 2015, BPI supports village health volunteer with community to conduct clean movement in 8 affected villages


• Clean movement program at Sheikh Maulana Maghribi sacred tomb by 120 students from 2 schools, in cooperation with UN Islamic youth association. Clean movement program continues to be conducted in other chosen locations.