Financial Close and Commencement of Project Construction:

On June 6, 2016, BPI achieved financial close as construction began. One of BPI’s obligations after the issuance of the Environmental Permit is that BPI, along with the Batang Regency Government, must continue the livelihood restoration plan (“Social Mitigation”). In addition to the Social Compensation program, BPI also has several other programs for affected communities. One of the programs is targeted towards affected Tenant Farmers (“TF”), which is called the Replacement Land (“RL”) program. This program is a management plan to mitigate impacts from changes in livelihood pattern that emerge due to land acquisition activities in the Power Block area. This program is intended to provide new income for the affected TFs whose income decreased when BPI acquired the land. This program is also BPI’s obligation under the AMDAL document. In order to maintain fishermen income, BPI established the Fish Apartment (artificial fish habitat) program. For communities in affected villages, a comprehensive CSR Program was implemented with considering their needs.

In this year, BPI also conducted consultations and explanatory meeting prior to each construction activity such as: land clearing activities and a fence closing event, which was attended by the Batang Regency Government and Community Leaders; piling activities; construction of jetties; and dredging and dumping activities, which involved consultation with the Batang Regency and local fishermen community.