Environmental and Social Socialization (2019)

PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia continue to carry out consultations and socialization to the community in Project vicinity including fishermen and carry out various CSR programs. The socialization carried out includes:

  1. Socialization of dredging and dumping activities
  2. Socialization of the construction and installation of fish apartment.
  3. Socialization of the progress of the construction of a 2 x 1,000 MW power plant to the fishermen Along with HNSI and the local government, PT BPI invites fishermen to the Project construction site to witness the progress of construction and environmental management implementation, as well as dredging and dumping activities.
  4. Socialization of Project development progress to the stakeholders to balance the information that received by them related to the construction of the power plant.
  5. In collaboration with the Batang Regency Government, BPI reactivated Fisherman Information Center Building in both Roban Barat and Roban Timur to post the update regarding CFPP activities and provide government services for fishermen. 
  6. Directly involving fishermen on board to monitor dredging and dumping process.

Like the previous year, BPI continued posting every job vacancy in information boards that are installed in strategic place in several villages, sub-districts office, and Manpower office.

The company also consulted and collaborated with the Batang Regency government in order to implement the Demobilization program. 

Some of the activities that have been carried out includes:

  1. Provide ESQ training and entrepreneurship for local workers who are potentially demobilized,
  2. Providing technical training to the surrounding community,
  3. Establishing new entrepreneurship group for workers’ relatives as part of demobilization program.

In this year BPI continued the mass cleaning program along with health counseling in order to increase community awareness on the benefits of healthy lifestyles. Together with health official,  BPI conducted the training and sampling of respiratory disease in Project vicinity. Series of capacity building for community, health cadres, midwifes, and heath officers were also conducted within this year. In addition, BPI facilitated the discussion and socialization of the Water User Farmer Association establishment who will manage water utilization both on in replacement land and upstream area.