Since its establishment by the government in 1952 to overcome the power shortages in postwar Japan, J-POWER (Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.) has developed its business in the wholesale supply of hydroelectric and thermal power, conducted a power transmission business through its trunk transmission lines that connect each domestic region, and contributed to the stable supply of electric power in Japan.


Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s First Section and thus becoming fully privatized in 2004, J-POWER has been developing new business, including electric power generation business in foreign countries where growth is expected, and renewable energy, such as wind and geothermal power.


J-POWER’s core business is wholesale electric power business operating power plants 
throughout Japan to supply electricity to the electric power companies (EPCOs) in each region of Japan on a long-term basis. We also employ our transmission and transforming facilities to provide transmission services. In addition, we are engaged in the operation of wind power, the wholesale supply of electricity to EPCOs as independent power producers(IPPs), the wholesale supply of electricity to power producers and suppliers (PPSs), and other kinds of business.

J-POWER is leveraging its almost 50 years of overseas achievements and know-how as 
it engages in its overseas power generation business and overseas consulting business. J-POWER is contributing to the stable supply of electric power and sustainable developmentthroughout the world (Overseas Power Generation Business : As of Dec-31th,2015. 36 projects, approximately 7,500MW owned capacity basis.).