Batang CFPP Held Al-Quran Recitation


BATANG - PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia as the initiator of the Central Java CFPP 2 x 1000 MW project made the momentum of Ramadan 2018 to improve the performance and spirit of spirituality with various creative initiative activities. Especially this month as a special month, where the Holy Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.
Al Quran recitation (Khataman) is one of the routine agenda that carried out together with the community and the students of Jurang Jero Islamic Boarding School, Bakalan Village, Kandeman District. According to Ary Wibowo, GM External Relations of PT BPI, Ary Wibowo said the Khataman Al Quran activity was a routine activity during the month of Ramadan and filled with various other worship activities.
"We pray together so that we will be provided with ease in worship and also smoothness in the process of building Batang CFPP" said Ary Wibowo.
He further explained, that in addition to the Al-Qurán recitation activity, PT BPI had also carried out spiritual activities carried out simultaneously in all regions of the villages supporting the Batang CFPP project, including the distribution of zakat fitrah activities before Eid.
The caretaker of Jero Jero Islamic Boarding School, Ustadz Asrofi expressed his hope that through various activities carried out in the month of Ramadan can become a worship and provide its own blessing.
"It's time we improve to do good and increase worship, hopefully after Ramadan this spirit does not fade," he said.
In addition, other activities during the month of Ramadan, PT BPI provides snacks for break the fast, discussion about Islamic studies, sharing information about Palestinian care, as well as carrying out Sharia consultation services and Zakat, Infak and Shodaqoh safekeeping services in collaboration with the LazizMu Batang district at the PT BPI Al Misbah Mosque.