Again, 2 Schools under the guidance of BPI Achieve National Adiwiyata Bring the Positive Name of Batang Regency

BATANG - Again, two Adiwiyata Schools under the guidance of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) have won the National Adiwiyata Award. The award was given directly by the Minister of National Education, Nadiem Makarim and the Minister of the Environment, Siti Nurbaya, at the Manggala Wanabakti building in Jakarta, Friday (13/12). 

Two Adiwiyata schools under the guidance of PT BPI, SDN Simbangjati and SDN 1 Kenconorejo have overtaken Ujungnegoro 2 Madrasah (MI) 2, which first won the National Adiwiyata in 2018. This success, is one proof of the good synergy between PT BPI, the Regional Government and stakeholders. 
Principal of the SDN Simbangjati, Nining Suparmi, S.Pd.SD, said he was very proud of the achievements that his school now achieved. This success is a whip for the school to be even more enthusiastic, so that it can become an Adiwiyata Mandiri School. 
"All of this is due to the full support of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia. Because from the start, SDN Simbangjati was fully supported by PT BPI, DLHK, and the Batang Regency Education Office. As well as, students and parents and students who always fully support this program. "Said Nining Suparmi, after receiving the award, as the National Adiwiyata School, Friday (13/12). 
The same thing was said by Siti Nurjanah, S.Pd.SD, Principal of SDN 1 Kenconorejo, that this success was a mutual success. All stakeholders, students and, parents, teachers local government and PT BPI have fully supported the Adiwiyata School program. 
"highest appreciation to all those who have fully supported the SDN Kenconorejo 1 Adiwiyata School program. Especially PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia, who from the beginning guided and supported this activity," said Siti Nurjanah, after receiving the National Adiwiyata award in Jakarta, Friday (13) / 12) 
Meanwhile in his remarks, Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya said, that the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo often reminded about the bonus of democracy in Indonesia in the future. The demogration bonus must be accompanied by the inculcation of the value of the charge of environmental care. 
"Adiwiyata School has contributed in the form of reducing waste dumps to waste management with 3R, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle," said Siti Nurbaya in front of the recipients of the National Adiwiyata and Adiwiyata Mandiri 2019 awards, in Jakarta, Friday (13/12). 
Siti Nurbaya expected that the Adiwiyata award which has been held for 13 years can have a positive impact on the environment in Indonesia. Because through this award will motivate all parties to care more for the environment. 
Meanwhile Shiroki Yamashita, COO of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia explained, that since 2017, PT BPI through the CSR Program has provided assistance and full support to schools in the villages around the CJ CFPP 2 x 1,000 MW development project in Batang, becoming a school based the neighborhood, or Adiwiyata School. 
"This success is one proof of the extraordinary togetherness between the company, the government and stakeholders. We hope that the adiwiyata school which has achieved this achievement must be better and continue to excel in order to achieve Adiwiyata Mandiri. "Shiroki Yamashita said. 
Further explained, that since 2017 PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia has built 9 Adiwiyata Schools in villages around the construction of the Central Java CFPP 2 x 1.000 MW in Batang Regency. Three of them have won awards as National Adiwiyata, MI Ujungnegoro 2, SDN Simbangjati, and SDN 2 Kenconorejo . While four other schools have won Provincial Adiwiyata, SDN Ponowareng, SDN  Ujungnegoro 2, SDN  Karanggeneng 2, SMPN 2 Kandeman, and SMPN 2 Tulis. 
"Of the 9 BPI Adiwiyata Schools, one of them still won the regency's Adiwiyata School, SDN Karanggeneng 01. While 3 schools have reached the National Adiwiyata, and 5 others have won the Provincial Adiwiyata award," Yamashita explained.