Intesively Strengthen Village Health Institutions PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia Won Top CSR Awards 2020

JAKARTA - Intensively strengthening health institutions in villages around the construction of Central Java CFPP 2 x 1.000 MW located in Batang Regency, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (PT BPI) won the TOP CSR Awards 2020 in the Health Sector, with the 2019-2024 RI Presidential Vision Category. , Human Resource Development Program. The award was received directly by the COO of PT BPI, Shiroki Yamashita, at The Sultan Hotel Jakarta, Wednesday (29/07).

The TOP CSR Awards 2020 received by PT BPI is a form of success and synergy between the company and the community and local government in the coordination and implementation of the CSR program. One of them is the Village Health Institutional Strengthening Program which is superior and is able to set aside CSR programs from other large companies, in the 2020 TOP CSR Awards.
COO of PT BPI, Shiroki Yamashita said that the company's CSR program has been running since 2012. Especially for the health program, PT BPI has collaborated with the Batang District Health Office since 2013.
"Since 2013, PT BPI has cooperated with the Batang District Health Office, in improving public health, especially Mothers and Children (KIA), strengthening the knowledge of posyandu cadres and strengthening village health institutions through the Village Health Forum (FKD)." Shiroki Yamashita explained.
He further explained that the BIMA SEMBADA (Clean, Prosperous, Healthy, Empowered Community) program is a village-based health strengthening movement. This movement focuses on strengthening health cadres, revitalizing the Village Health Forum (FKD), ODF (Open Defecation Free), PMT (Providing Supplementary Food) for posyandu cadres, supporting health facilities for posyandu and PKD (Village Health Post), capacity building for personnel medical and environmental health program development.
"During the COVID-19 pandemic period, through the BIMA SEMBADA program partners, village health institutions were active in helping to tackle COVID-19. We distributed masks, hand sanitizers, hand washing stations at several points and village halls, provided PPE, sprayed disinfectant, helped quarantine houses in the village. "Explained Shiroki Yamashita, after receiving the award.