BPI Supports Community Reading Park, Donates Books, Medical Devices and Infrastructure Facilities for Al-Quran Learning Center in West Roban

BATANG— PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) again donated books, medical equipment, and infrastructure for serveral Qur'an Education Parks (TPQ) in West Roban Hamlet, Kedungsegog Village, Tulis District through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, in the field of Education, Health, and Infrastructure. In addition to handing over donations, BPI also supports the renovation of the Pelita Harapan Community Reading Park building, West Roban, Friday 19 March 2022 witnessed by the Head of Tulis, Education Office, Health Office, Village Head, PT PNM (Persero), and local community leaders.


The Head of Tulis, Joko Prasetijo, SKM., M.Kes appreciates BPI's concern through its CSR program which helps rural communities in its working area. This assistance shows the company's concern and responsibility for the community in its environment, be it in the fields of education, health, infrastructure, and human resources. 


“The benefits from BPI really need to be maximized. Books, medical equipment, and Al-Qurán Learning Center infrastructure must be able to encourage the community, including school children to be more fond of reading, because there is already a Pelita Harapan Community Reading Park which is assisted by BPI, including books, infrastructure and building renovations," said Joko Prasetijo. , in his remarks after the inauguration of the Pelita Harapan Community Reading Park, West Roban, Kedungsegog Village, Friday (18/3).


The Sub-District Head of Tulis hoped that the CSR assistance from BPI would be properly cared for, implemented and utilized to the fullest. Because the company's concern for development is extraordinary, the increase in human resources in the villages around the location of the Central Java CFPP 2 x 1.000 MW construction project, in Batang Regency.


The same thing was conveyed by a representative from the National Education Office of Batang Regency, represented by the Head of the Non-Formal Education Section of the Regional Coordinator of Tulis, Rosyid Ridho. They also really appreciate BPI's CSR program for the world of education, health, human resources, and other programs for communities in villages around the company.


“The construction of the Pelita Harapan Community Reading Park, West Roban is very extraordinary. Because, by bringing reading books closer to the community, especially for students, it really helps and makes it easier for them to gain knowledge,” said Rosyid Ridho, in his remarks at the inauguration of the Pelita Harapan Community Reading Park, West Roban, Kedungsegog Village, Friday (18/3). 


Meanwhile, BPI CSR Senior Manager Bhayu Pamungkas said that in addition to the inauguration of the West Roban Pelita Harapan Community Reading Park, Kedungsegog Village, they also handed over medical equipment assistance to the West Roban Hamlet integrated health service post, books and learning facilities as well as furniture for Nurussalam Al-Quran Learning Center and Al-Barokah Al-Quran Learning Center in West Roban Hamlet, Kedungsegog Village. This activity program is a tangible form of the company's concern and responsibility towards the community in the company's environment.


"BPI will always accompany the village community around the company which is packaged in the form of a CSR program consisting of education programs, economic programs, health programs, cultural programs, and environmental programs," explained Bhayu Pamungkas.


It was further explained that the construction of the Pelita Harapan Community Reading Park was an expansion of the previous building. In addition to the expansion of the Community Reading Park building, BPI also donated reading books, book stands, desks and other infrastructure. Meanwhile, the medical equipment donated to integrated health service post in the form of stamping scales, dacin scales, baby scales, sphygmomanometer, thermometer gun, and skilller (infant ruler) were received by the Kedungsegog Village Health Forum (FKD) for Dukuh Roban Barat Integrated Health Service Post.


It is hoped that BPI's CSR assistance will be useful and can be benefited by all village communities around the Central Java CFPP 2 x 1000 MW construction project. This activity also shows the community that the company's communication and synergy with the government, community, and stakeholders are running smoothly, and can be well received.


Previously, BPI also planted thousands of cypress and breadfruit trees along the Kenconorejo Village Beach in collaboration with the Pekalongan Region IV Forestry Service Branch, Central Java Provincial Forestry and Environment Service, Adiiwiyata School Kenconorejo 03 Elementary School, Community Forest Farmers Group "Tali Mendang" Kenconorejo and Kenconorejo Village Government. (*)