BATANG—PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero)/PT PII synergized with PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (“BPI”) through its Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) program on Tuesday (25/10) providing entrepreneurship support for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (“MSMEs”) originating from former construction workers of Central Java Coal-Fired Power Plant 2 x 1,000 MW (“PLTU Batang”) at Batang Regent’s Office Hall. 

Entrepreneurship support assistance in the form of production equipment and working capital was given to 40 MSME owners who were former Batang Power Plant construction workers located in Ujungnegoro Village, Karanggeneng Village, and Ponowareng Village, Batang Central Java through the Berkah Jaya Ponowareng Cooperative as a cooperative partner implementing the BPI CSR program. The handover ceremony of support assistance was attended by the Acting Regent of Batang, Dra. Lani Dwi Rejeki and Chief Operational Officer of BPI, Yoshimitsu Fujii who were physically present and Finance Director of PT PII, Donny Hamdani who was present online.
Finance Director of PT PII, Donny Hamdani in his speech stated that as one of the Ministry of Finance's Special Mission Vehicles (SMV), this activity is a form of PT PII's commitment to support the Government's efforts to pay attention to the welfare of the community through corporate social responsibility to the community around the Batang Power Plant project, including project construction workers who have finished their work period because the Batang Power Plant has entered its operational period.
"We hope that this entrepreneurship support assistance can be very useful and increase business productivity so that it will increase income for business owners to meet the needs of their families." Donny said.
In addition, Chief Operational Officer of BPI Yoshimitsu Fujii explained that the synergy between PT PII (Persero) and BPI through CSR program cooperation for micro-enterprises being under taken by former Batang Power Plant construction workers has been carried out through several stages, namely survey to verify,  assisting goods purchasing activity, handing over of aid and monitoring MSME activities to three main villages around the Batang Power Plant, namely Ujungnegoro Village, Karanggeneng Village, and Ponowareng Village.
"This activity is one of the programs to support the Batang Regency Government in creating and developing new entrepreneurs and developing the potential and business of ex construction workers of Batang Power Plant who already have independent businesses", said the Chief Operational Officer of BPI, at the Batang Regent's Office Hall, Tuesday (25/10)
Yoshimitsu Fujii added that in addition to receiving equipment support assistance for business improvement, 40 beneficiaries of this CSR program also received entrepreneurship training from successful local business owners in Batang Regency. Of the 40 MSMEs beneficiaries, 14 MSMEs came from Ujungnegoro Village, 7 MSMEs from Karanggeneng Village, and 19 MSMEs from Ponowareng Village. Meanwhile, based on business category, 22 MSMEs are engaged in service businesses, 11 MSMEs are engaged in livestock or fishery businesses, 3 MSMEs are engaged in production businesses, and 3 MSMEs are engaged in trading businesses.
“I appreciate PT BPI for caring about the former construction workers of power plant," said Lani Dwi Rejeki Acting Regent of Batang Regency. She also explained, after no longer working in the power plant construction. The community is given job training and equipment as needed.
“This training and capital assistance for MSMEs is very helpful for the Batang Regency Government. The hope is that it can tackle inflation in Batang Regency, because in addition to these 40 MSMEs, it will empower the surrounding community, "said the Acting Regent of Batang Regency Lani Dwi Rejeki.
One of beneficiaries of the entrepreneurship assistance program for former Batang Power Plant construction workers, Rosyid Harsoyo, a resident of Ponowareng Village, who has completed a work contract as a security guard, still continues to open a motorcycle repair shop at his house. It is hoped that the equipment support assistance provided by BPI and PT PII can increase productivity and increase income for the needs of their families.
"I would like to thank PT PII and BPI for paying attention and providing support for workshop equipment for me, after I no longer work on the Batang Power Plant project. I will maximize the use of this assistance to increase business productivity.” said Rosyid Harsoyo, a former security worker at Nawakara, at the Batang Regent's Office Hall, after receiving the aid, Tuesday (25/10).