Contributing to the community, BPI synergizes with the Batang Regency Government to Help the Uninhabitable House Program

BATANG - The commitment of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) in assisting the Uninhabitable House (RTLH) program in the Batang Power Plant area continues to be carried out. In a real effort to realize this commitment, to date, BPI has built 48 houses in Kandeman and Tulis Districts, Batang, Central Java.

"Alhamdulillah, so far there have been 48 houses that we have helped, and today we see how far the process of building houses in Karanggeneng is. Our monitoring results show that the development is almost complete, it has even reached 70%," said BPI CSR Assistant Manager Ahmad Lukman when reviewing the uninhabitable house program development process in Karanggeneng Village, Kandeman, Batang, Thursday (31/8/2023)

The existence of this program provides new hope for people who previously lived in uninhabitable conditions. "Hopefully, these houses will be able to provide a safe and comfortable place to live for them," he said.

BPI and the Village Government work closely together to monitor and ensure that the construction of houses goes according to plan and can be occupied immediately. Of the total 48 houses that have been built by PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI), 16 of them are intended for residents of Karanggeneng Village.

The Head of Karanggeneng Village, Resgianto, through the Head Section of Village Government, Kunasir revealed that the process of building houses not only involves staple builders, but also the active participation of the people of Karanggeneng Village.

"The tradition of gotong royong or the term Sambatan, is still alive in our village, especially during the construction of the foundation of the house, all residents move together," he explained.

He also expressed his gratitude to PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) for its commitment in advancing the quality of life of its citizens.

"We feel appreciated by the various programs that have been given, including the acceleration of the construction of this uninhabitable house. We hope this is not the end of this fruitful cooperation and we look forward to other programs that can improve the welfare of our citizens."

One of the beneficiaries, Rohani, shared a story about a major change that occurred in his life. "In the past, my house only had woven bamboo walls and dirt floors. Thanks to the help from BPI, I now have a comfortable and safe permanent home for my family," he said.

In addition to its commitment to the uninhabitable house program, BPI has also taken concrete steps to support the improvement of residential quality.

This is marked by collaborating with the Public Housing and Settlement Area Office (Disperakim) of Central Java Province, BPI has signed a cooperation agreement (PKS) that focuses on Facilitation of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash (FABA) Utilization from Central Java Power Plant 2 x 1,000 MW (Batang Power Plant).

The signing of the Cooperation Agreement which took place at Ciputra Hotel Semarang last week involved the Head of Central Java Province Disperakim, Arief Djatmiko, and the President Director of BPI, Ryuta Sato.