Supporting Human Resources Development of Batang Regency, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia Launched Scholarship Program

BATANG – PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) launched a Scholarship Program to support the improvement of access and quality of education for villagers around Batang Power Plant. This scholarship program is a tangible manifestation of BPI's commitment through CSR programs in the scope of Education. Symbolically, the scholarship program was given to 2 (two) students domiciled in Tulis Village and Kenconorejo Village who had passed the selection and witnessed by the Head of Tulis Village and Head of Kenconorejo Village at BPI Office (16/9).

Chief Operational Officer of BPI, Yoshimitsu Fujii stated that the Scholarship Program is an affirmation of a strong commitment in supporting the improvement of human resources for the local community so that they can get the best education. This is also a form of fulfilling BPI's commitment to the Central Java Provincial government. It is hoped that the recipients of this scholarship will complete their studies with satisfactory achievements, so that they can make maximum contributions to their families and communities.
Yoshimitsu Fujii, added that for 2023, the PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia scholarship program is given to two female students who are pursuing a Bachelor (S1) degree at Semarang State University (UNNES). They have passed a series of selection stages carried out by BPI from August 27 to 28, 2023.
"Congratulations and success always to Khumaerotu Zahra, a student of Semarang State University majoring in Informatics Engineering, who is a resident of Tulis Village, Tulis District, and Anita Ali Mufti, a student of Semarang State University majoring in Management, who comes from Kenconorejo Village, Tulis District," said Yoshimitsu Fujii at the launch of the BPI scholarship program and the signing of an integrity pact for scholarship recipients held at the BPI Office on Saturday (16/9).
BPI has implemented various CSR programs in the fields of economy, education, health, infrastructure, socio-culture and environment in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goal 4, namely inclusive and equitable quality education.
The Head of Kenconorejo Village, Sumito, appreciated this Scholarship Program as an excellent effort and helped the community in alleviating the burden of parents to educate their children to obtain a bachelor's degree. Sumito emphasized that scholarship recipients were chosen not only because of economic conditions, but also because of their excellent academic ability and high enthusiasm to achieve a bachelor's degree.
"Thank you to BPI for providing S1 scholarships to our citizens who really excel and have successfully passed various stages of selection. Congratulations and success to Anita Ali Mufti and Khumaerotu Zahra, we hope they can maintain the good name of their families, schools, and BPI who have provided scholarships," Sumito said in his remarks during the PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia Scholarship Launch event on Saturday (16/9/2023).
Slamet Sutanto, a parent of Khumaerotu Zahra, also expressed his gratitude to PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia for the scholarship program that has helped his daughter. This program provides financial support that is very meaningful for parents in paying for college to achieve a Bachelor (S1) degree.
"Thank you and good luck to BPI. We hope that our children can achieve the required achievements and maintain the good name of the school, family, and PT BPI," said Slamet Sutanto on Saturday (16/9).
Anita Ali Mufti, a recipient of the BPI scholarship, also expressed her gratitude and commitment to carry out this mandate well, as well as maintain the good name of parents, families, schools, and BPI.
"Thank you for the trust given by BPI to me to receive this scholarship. I hope to maintain the required grades until graduation," said Anita, who is an alumnus of SMK Negeri 1 Batang.
Khumaerotu Zahra, who is also an alumnus of SMK Negeri 1 Kandeman, voiced similar feelings with gratitude to BPI for providing scholarships and is committed to maintaining the values, behavior, and good name of the school, parents, family, and BPI.
This year, BPI launched a Scholarship Program for students who have good academic performance in 10 villages around Batang Power Plant. They will pursue education at 50 best universities in Indonesia with Education majors that suit BPI's needs.
This program is expected to bring the younger generation from the area around Batang Power Plant to better education and enable them to become drivers of progress in Batang Regency.