Commitment to Literacy Program Development BPI Won 2023 Lifetime Literacy Warrior Award from National Library of RI

YOGYAKARTA – PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) received an appreciation as a Lifetime Literacy Warrior 2023 Award (lifetime Achievement) from the National Library (Perpusnas). The award was given by the Head of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, Drs. Muhammad Syarif Bondo to BPI Senior CSR Manager Bhayu Pamungkas for his initiative for the literacy care program at The Allana Yogyakarta Hotel & Convention Center, Thursday (21/9).

The award is a form of the BPI’s commitment and consistency in encouraging a culture of reading in the community for a long time. In 2018, BPI also received an award as one of the private companies that really cares about the world of literacy and Bhayu Pamungkas as Senior Manager of CSR BPI also received an Honorable Mention literacy award from the Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia, for developing 15 Village Libraries (Perpusdes) in 15 villages around Batang Power Plant. 
"This effort to encourage reading culture is one of BPI's flagship CSR programs in the field of education provided to the community around Batang Power Plant. We also thank the National Library for this award," said Bhayu Pamungkas after receiving the award, Thursday (21/9). 
Bhayu Pamungkas also added that BPI believes that currently access to information and good education is one of the keys to community progress, therefore BPI's CSR program actively encourages literacy programs that synergize with government programs to improve community literacy.
"Since 2016, BPI has established 28 literacy parks in 28 schools in villages around Batang Power Plant through the support of annual program funds, infrastructure, human resource capacity building, literacy park facilities such as bookshelves, tables, chairs, and library materials," said Bhayu 
In addition, BPI develops literacy programs through Village Libraries (Perpusdes), Mini Libraries, and other literacy programs. "BPI's CSR-assisted Perpusdes include the PERPUSERU Program which is a partnership program with the Batang Library & Archives Office (Disperpuska), and the Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia. The program has been implemented since November 2015 with a total of 15 Village Libraries around the company, which until now are actively operating to serve literacy services for the surrounding community," he added.
Bhayu also explained that to develop a culture of reading from an early age and add insight for TPA/TPQ school students. BPI also established 33 mini libraries in 33 Quran Education Parks (TPQ) in 14 villages around the company that have been operating to serve its students until now. The total library materials that have been supported by BPI are 45,849 to various literacy institutions in the community around Batang Power Plant.
"The smooth and successful BPI CSR program cannot be separated from good cooperation with BPI stakeholders and partners. In addition, a good form of partnership allows the program to be run optimally by involving all stakeholders. On this occasion, we would like to express our highest gratitude and appreciation to all residents of Batang, especially affected villagers as the main beneficiaries of BPI's various CSR programs. Through various BPI CSR programs that have been carried out and will continue to be developed with the community, BPI will empower, support sustainable community growth and create a harmonious life," Bhayu concluded.