PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia Strengthens the Achievements of 3 Savings and Loan Cooperatives Assisted by CSR Programs in Batang Regency

BATANG – Three Savings and Loan Cooperatives assisted by PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia's (BPI) CSR Program received a fairly healthy assessment from the Trade and Cooperative Industry Office (Disperindagkop) of Batang Regency.

The increase in Residual Operating Results (SHU) and the health assessment of cooperatives in Batang Regency recorded positive developments for three Savings and Loans Cooperatives (KSP) located in Ponowareng Village, Karanggeneng Village, and Ujungnegoro Village.
As an effort to continue to improve this positive achievement, BPI held a capacity building training at Kembanglangit Tourism Village, Blado, Batang on Saturday (04/11/2023).
A total of 30 administrators and managers from KSP Ujungnegoro Makmur Sejahtera, KSP Mitra Karya Karanggeneng, and KSP Berkah Jaya Ponowareng participated in  this Capacity Building  training.
They gave high appreciation to BPI, which for a decade has continued to provide operational support and assistance to the three cooperatives.
Chairman of KSP Ujungnegoro Makmur Sejahtera, Rokhidun, in his speech thanked PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia for its consistent support for 10 years. He admitted that organizing and optimizing KSP under his leadership was not a light task, with various challenges and problems that had to be faced professionally.
"With this capacity building training, we hope to provide new enthusiasm and strengthen the cooperative operational team. This is expected to increase the trust of customers and villagers in our cooperative," said Rokhidun.
Yusuf Jaelani, S.E., consultant to assist the three BPI-assisted cooperatives, gave a message to the management of KSP in the three villages. He emphasized that the cooperative will not achieve maximum business results without the support and consistency of the entire team. The formation and improvement of personal capacity is the key to the progress and health of the cooperative.
"In the last three years, the SHU of each cooperative has increased although not significantly. This shows a positive development for all three cooperatives. Hopefully, after this training, the enthusiasm and professionalism of cooperative management will increase," said Yusuf Jaelani before the outbound activity was carried out.
These three Savings and Loan Cooperatives, which were established in 2013 with full support from BPI, are one of the implementations of Microfinance Institution Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that aim to meet the business capital needs of the community while supporting the improvement of saving culture.
Within 10 years, these three cooperatives have managed to gather 8,099 members with total assets reaching 11.7 billion Rupiah. Despite operating for a decade, these three cooperatives remain active and sustainable in providing financial services to the community.