Bad Weather and Expensive Staple Food, BPI Distributes Rice Aid to Hundreds of Fishermen

BATANG – PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) through DPC HNSI Batang distributed 1-ton rice aid to hundreds of fishermen who are currently unable to go to sea due to bad weather. Rice was distributed to fishermen around Batang Power Plant held at the DPC HNSI Batang Office (20/3).

The rice aid was handed over directly by Chief Operating Officer of BPI Yoshimitsu Fujii to fishermen at the DPC HNSI Office. The fishermen were very enthusiastic when they received the rice aid from BPI, in times of bad weather and high rice prices. 
Teguh Tarmujo, Chairman of DPC HNSI Batang expressed his gratitude to BPI for caring about the situation of fishermen around Batang Power Plant. This aid rice is very helpful in easing the economic burden of fishermen families. 
"Alhamdulillah, in times like this, there is rice assistance from BPI for fishermen. There are 200 fishermen who received this assistance," said Teguh Tarmujo, during the handover of rice aid from BPI at the DPC HNSI Office, Wednesday (20/3).
Teguh Tarmujo added, hopefully this assistance will continue, and hopefully it will become a routine agenda of BPI. Because, at times like this, the price of basic necessities rises, during the fasting month and before Eid, plus bad weather and fishermen cannot go to sea.
Chief Operating Officer of BPI Yoshimitsu Fujii said that the Company understands that recently extreme weather has occurred in Batang Regency and its surroundings so that it has an impact on fishermen's activities, therefore BPI is here to help in difficult times in the hope of slightly reducing the burden on fishermen.
"On behalf of the management, I would like to thank the Management and Members of DPC HNSI Batang and hope that the friendship will bring blessings. This donation of 1 ton of rice is a manifestation of our concern for the welfare of the surrounding community including the fishermen community. In addition, this activity is an expression of gratitude for the operation of Batang Power Plant, "said Yoshimitsu Fujii.
Coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, BPI has a social program themed Bhimasena Lentera Ramadan with the hope that the Company's presence can provide light benefits and blessings for the community living side by side with Batang Power Plant.