CSR Program of BPI Supports Learning Group Packages Program PKBM Padamu Negeri has Graduated Many Residents who Work in Batang Power Plant Project

BATANG—The Padamu Negeri Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM Padamu Negeri) is one of the institutions providing the non-formal education program for Package A, B, C Learning Groups (KEJAR) located around Batang Power Plant 2 x 1,000 MW. In order to facilitate the enthusiasm of community who want to progress and develop their knowledge, PKBM Padamu Negeri collaborates with PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) through the CSR program in Education Sector to assist the facilities and infrastructure needed, for the success and fluency of teaching and learning activities for learning group package participants.

The participants who graduated from PKBM Padamu Negeri have had the opportunity to work in Batang Power Plant project and also work in other industrial sectors that are growing in Batang Regency, such as workers in Batang Apparel Indonesia, Wringingintung Village, Nestle Indonesia Bandaraya development project in Batang Industrial Park (BIP), and other companies.
“The level of community awareness of village around national strategic project is starting to emerge, that the capacity and improvement of human resources is very important. They don't want to be left behind, and they don't want to be spectators. Therefore, they are eager to participate in the learning group package program, to be able to get a diploma at the high school/vocational high school level,” said Nugroho Ari Wigunadi, founder of the PKBM Padamu Negeri, Bakalan Village, Kandeman District, Friday (02/09).
BPI's participation through the CSR Program is very helpful for PKBM Padamu Negeri in improving human resource capabilities. Many villagers have worked in a number of contractor companies for the Batang Power Plant construction project, which are engaged as security, cleaning services, gardeners, and among others, including residents who work in Batang Apparel Indonesia, and the Nestle Indonesia Bandaraya Factory development project which has participated in the Learning Group Package C program, in order to be part of the workforce. 
“We are very grateful to BPI for its CSR program. It adds value to the community and the management of PKBM Padamu Negeri in improving existing human resources. We have also brought the learning center closer to the residents, by opening Learning Clumps (Rumbel) in Ponowareng Village, Botolalang Village, and Bakalan Village”, Nugroho Ari Wigunadi continued, in the event of “Motivation of New Students for Equality Education Learning Group Package C PKBM Padamu Negeri for the New Academic Year 2022” at Jurang Jero Islamic Boarding School, Bakalan Village, Kandeman District, Friday (3/9).
Meanwhile, the event “Motivation of New Students for Equality Education Learning Group Package C PKBM Padamu Negeri for New Academic Year 2022” presented Suyono, the former Deputy Regent of Batang Regency for the 2017-2022 period as a motivator for new students. Suyono gave encouragement to the participants not to give up and continue to strive to improve human resources. Even though it's through the learning group of Package C, everything is equal, it is recognized by the state and can be accepted by companies that are currently investing in Batang Regency.
"We are proud, because the community has now begun to prepare themselves to welcome Batang Regency as a new industrial city. It will be positive competition in the workplace. Moreover, the PKBM Padamu Negeri has alumni who have worked in a number of contractors firms in the Batang Power Plant project with various fields of work," said Suyono, in conveying motivation to new students of the PKBM Padamu Negeri, Friday (3/9).
BPI CSR Senior Manager Bhayu Pamungkas said that this activity is one of the implementations of corporate social responsibility programs to the community. The collaboration carried out with PKBM Padamu Negeri also shows the company's concern for improving the human resources of the community around the Batang Power Plant project.
"We have collaborated with PKBM Padamu Negeri since 2019, and alhamdulillah it can be useful, both for people who want to continue their education level or work. The number of PKBM Padamu Negeri students, also continues to experience a significant increase, this shows public awareness of the importance of education so they can compete in the workforce” said Bhayu Pamungkas, during the motivational event for new students of PKBM Padamu Negeri, Jurang Jero Islamic Boarding School, Bakalan Village, Kandeman District, Batang Regency, Friday (3/9).