The Holy Month of Ramadan, BPI Synergizes to Share with Orphans

BATANG——In the holy month of Ramadan, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) shares happiness with orphans in the villages around Batang Power Plant 2 x 1,000 MW. The Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors gave the donation at the Breaking the Fast with Employees and Orphans with the theme "Synergize for Sharing" at the BPI Administration Building, Wednesday (29/3).
President Commissioner Dharma Djojonegoro and President Director Ryuta Sato directly led the distribution of compensation to 84 orphans from Ujungnegoro Village, Karanggeneng Village and Ponowareng Village. BPI as part of the community hopes that giving donation to orphans in the three adjacent villages will be truly beneficial and make them happy.
Dharma Djojonegoro conveyed congratulations to all employees, orphans and village government who have worked together to make this event a success. “May this blessed month provide success and smoothness for the operational phase of Batang Power Plant. Thank you to all parties who have helped during construction phase of Batang Power Plant so that it finally reached the operational phase. A very long and with extraordinary struggle, the construction process took almost 10 years," said Dharma Djojonegoro, who is also the President Director of PT Adaro Power, in his remarks for breaking the fast with employees and orphans.
Ryuta Sato conveyed the same message, that the hard work of all parties made the Batang Power Plant project finally reached the operational phase. With the spirit of One Team One Synergy, it shows good cooperation from all parties, including the government, the local village community, and supported by prayers from orphans.
"We hope that this activity provides direct benefits for orphans from the three villages and for BPI employees", said Ryuta Sato.