Supporting the Reliability of Java – Bali Electricity Supply, PLN Management Visit Batang Power Plant


BATANG – PT PLN (Persero) represented by Mohamad Ikhsan as Commissioner and Wiluyo Kusdwiharto as Director of Project Management and New Renewable Energy who were accompanied by the senior officers of PLN conducted a site visit to the Central Java Power Plant with a capacity of 2 x 1,000 MW (Batang Power Plant) owned and managed by PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI). The site visit was carried out on 15 July 2023 with the aim of monitoring the operation of Batang Power Plant after it became commercially in operation since 15 August 2022 for Unit 1 and 31 August 2022 for Unit 2 in order to support the reliability of the Java - Bali electricity supply.

The Chief Technical Officer of BPI, Akihiro Osajima welcomed the visit by the management of PT PLN (Persero) at the Batang Power Plant. The visit began with the explanation of the Batang Power Plant in the operational phase and an explanation of the CSR programs that have been implemented by BPI since 2012.

"Allow me on behalf of the management of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia to express my appreciation and gratitude to PT PLN (Persero) for the support and cooperation that has been given so far. We hope that today's visit can strengthen the cooperation between BPI and PLN in order to contribute to Indonesia," said Akihiro Osajima.

Meanwhile, PLN's Director of Project Management and New Renewable Energy, Wiluyo Kusdwiharto said that Ultra Super Critical (USC) Technology was applied to the Central Java Power Plant (Batang Power Plant). By using this technology, the power plant will be more efficient in the use of coal so that it can reduce the release of carbon dioxides, sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides in the air.

"Currently the 500kV North Line backbone electricity system built by PLN has been interconnected between the Central Java Power Plant (2 x 1,000 MW) and the Tanjung Jati CFPP Units 1-4 (4 x 660 MW), Jawa 4 CFPP/ Unit 5-6 (2 x 1,000 MW) and Jawa 1 CFPP (1 x 1,000MW)," said Wiluyo Kusdwiharto.