Welcoming the Fasting Month, BPI Launches Bhimasena Lentera Ramadan Program

BATANG-In order to welcome the fasting month, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) launched the Bhimasena Lentera Ramadan program by carrying out a series of CSR program activities involving fostered groups to provide benefits to residents around the Batang Power Plant project. This activity was attended by Muspika of Tulis and Kandeman Districts, Village Heads and 23 Mushola (prayer rooms) Administrators from 14 Villages which took place at Al-Misbah Mosque (8/3).
Aryamir Sulasmoro, General Manager Stakeholder Relation of BPI explained that the activity themed Bhimasena Lentera Ramadan is expected so that BPI's existence in the community can share the light, blessings and benefits and further strengthen ties with residents around the company.
"Today to mark the start of the Ramadan program, we provided paint assistance to 23 prayer rooms in 14 villages in Tulis and Kandeman Districts. In addition, we will provide assistance to clean prayer kits involving micro enterprise groups (MEGs) engaged in laundry". Aryamir Sulasmoro said.
The series of Bhimasena Lentera Ramadan activities that will also be carried out include Quran Recitation activities, Commemoration of Nuzulul Quran, and distribution of basic food packages.
Meanwhile, Head of Tulis District, Joko Prasetyo thanked BPI for always attending events to welcome the holy month of Ramadan and always carrying out various CSR programs for the village community around Batang Power Plant as a form of company concern.
"I ask the village heads to maximize and maintain CSR assistance from BPI. And for the administrators of mosques and prayer rooms who get assistance to maximize the utilization of the assistance.”
The same thing was also conveyed by the Head of Kandeman District, Kusrin thanked to BPI for always helping the mosque and prayer room every time before Ramadan. It is hoped that with this CSR program, the community will always maintain conducive conditions around the village around the Batang Power Plant.