PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) commits to safeguard the health and safety of personnel working at BPI as well as to preserve and protect the environment throughout the operational phase of the Central Java Coal Fired Power Plant 2 x 1,000MW.  To fulfil this policy, BPI commits the followings:
  • Meet the regulatory obligations and international standards/guidelines, such as all relevant laws and regulations and the requirements outlined in the applicable international guidelines.
  • Identify, assess, and determine appropriate control measures on the health, safety, and environmental risks to prevent incidents, personnel injuries, and environmental pollutions.
  • Encourage all personnel to co-operate, in the identification of hazards that may exist, in the reporting of any condition which may appear risky, and in setting appropriate corrective actions for continually improving HSE performance.
  • Promote HSE awareness in the workplace, improve employee individual skills through appropriate training programs, and make HSE matters as an integral part of BPI work culture.
  • Openly communicate with stakeholders to ensure an understanding of our HSE Policy and be a responsible neighbour in our community.
  • Benchmark HSE performance against adopted best practices.
President Director is responsible to ensure that this policy is well implemented and periodically reviewed. Line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with, this policy. Every personnel is expected to follow this policy and to report any concern to BPI management.
Jakarta, 9 January 2023
Ryuta Sato
President Director