Concerning Literacy and Economic Development, BPI holds ESQ Training for Library Management

In order to improve literacy culture and develop human resources, BPI held an ESQ Training, Saturday (14/09) at RM Kalisalak for library managers. This activity is expected to provide positive enthusiasm for library managers to manage libraries better.
This training is in collaboration with the Perpusdes Perpuseru Batang Communication Forum (FKP2B) for the managers and administrators of the village library. This activity was opened by the Head of the Library and Archival Agency (Disperpuska) of Batang Regency and attended by the COO of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia, Shiroki Yamashita.
This activity is expected to increase motivation and maintain the enthusiasm of village administrators in managing and implementing various activities in each library. PT BPI focuses on building the capacity of village library managers and administrators.
"The program that we have designed and implemented since 2015 is indeed adapted to the local government program, so that we can work together," said Shiroki Yamashita, COO of PT BPI.
Together with the Batang Disperpuska and Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI), replicating library or library development programs in 15 villages, Kandeman, Tulis and Subah sub-districts with the aim of making village libraries as centers of activities and community learning based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to improve quality sustainable community life.
The Head of Batang Disperpuska, Rakhmat N. Fadilah expressed his hope that this activity could motivate the enthusiasm of library managers again. So that they can be more enthusiastic in providing services to the community.